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EpiMax 2150 is a single component water based, penetrating concrete densifier and protector for concrete slabs.

Special inorganic reactive chemistry generates additional cementing agents that physically increase the strength of the surface concrete and seal the surface.

This mechanism occurs by reacting with the free lime within the concrete itself to harden and densify the wearing surface and providing a sealing action at the same time.

This process significantly increases the abrasion resistance while reducing potential absorption due to water borne and oil borne contaminants.

This product is ideal for use in warehouses, distribution centres and car parks.

EpiMax 2150 provides protection while not affecting the appearance.


EpiMax 2175 Pure Lithium Silicate Densifier is a combined densifier and chemical hardener used for polishing concrete slabs.

It is chemically activated by the alkaline nature of concrete to solidify and seal voids.

This chemical reaction produces a smoother, denser surface for easier grinding and polishing techniques.

The product penetrates through concrete capillaries and is used to reduce water vapour transmission through the slab.


Lithium Based Densifier with Shine is a combined densifier and shine used for polishing concrete slabs


EpiMax 2135 Lithium Based Densifier is an economical product capable of providing longer life and higher reflectivity for ground and polished concrete floors of all types

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