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Surface Preparation

Q:What does EpiMax require in a concrete surface for sound adhesion?

For long term performance we require it to be:

  • Contaminant free
  • Chemically sound, alkaline & stable concrete
  • Min compressive strength, f’c = 25 MPa
  • Suitably profiled
  • Dust free & dry condition  (75% max RH)
  • Osmosis free

Q:How important is the profile achieved on the concrete surface during the preparation process?

A concrete surface profile, known as a CSP, is a standardized measure for the ‘roughness’ of a surface that is defined by the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI). A very rough surface will have a high CSP number, such as CSP 9. A very smooth surface with almost no preparation at all will be a CSP 1.

Q:What surface preparation equipment should be selected?

In addition to project-specific requirements, the selection of a surface preparation method should ensure that:

  • The surface is not damaged
  • The reinforcing steel is not damaged, nor its bond with the concrete compromised
  • Vibration, impact, or construction loads do not weaken the concrete
  • The target surface preparation profile is achieved
  • Debris and dust is contained for disposal
Kennards Concrete Care offer a wide range of surface preparation equipment for different projects.  

Product Application

Q:What are the basic steps in any application?

The basic steps are:

  • Surface preparation
  • Priming (some EpiMax products are self-priming)
  • Mixing in correct proportions
  • Application - typically roller, spreader bar, airless spray or troweling
  • Clean up
  • Protection through to full cure

Q:What influences work time of a particular product?

The work time of our 2 part epoxy or polyurethane products will generally vary with:

  • The stored product temperature
  • The ambient temperature
  • The mass / volume of product being mixed at the particular time

Q:What are the typical application thicknesses of different coating products?

The application thickness range will depend upon the product selected, the application parameters and the expected service conditions of the completed installation.

Floor Housekeeping and Maintenance

Q:What floor cleaning regime does EpiMax recommend?

The cleaning procedure depends on the type of floor coating or topping installed and the type of service. Our general recommendations are published here: General_floor_cleaning      

Q:Why is floor cleanliness important?

Keeping any floor clean is important for a variety of reasons:

  • Contamination is a safety risk - it can cause slips and falls
  • Abrasive particles will reduce the durability of any surface when in use
  • Health and hygiene is important in the food and healthcare setting
  • The appearance of any floor looks best when it is clean

Precision Grouting

Q:How do EpiMax precision grouts differ from cementitious grouts?

EpiMax epoxy grouts can offer:  

  • Faster rate of strength development
  • Significantly simpler curing regime
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • Greater vibration damping capability
  • Good dynamic load response to rotating machinery
  • Inherently non-shrink performance
  • Higher ultimate mechanical performance

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