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Case Study 1 – Certified flow, certified strength

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) has been used to build corrosion resistant mineral processing storage tanks for more than 40 years. The operating conditions associated with mineral processing often require materials of construction that can withstand process acids and acid chlorides at temperatures up to 90°C. However these tanks had to be fully supported to the concrete foundation, otherwise they can crack and leak during service. EpiMax 480 UT Precision Extreme Life Epoxy Grout was selected for a critical project in New Caledonia where exceptional flow, (up to 14 m) through varying gaps (< 1 mm to 25 mm), and strict mechanical performance was required before third party certification was achieved.

EpiMax supplied more than 50,000 litres of performance grout over a 4 week time frame for this very demanding project.

Case Study 2 – Full protection from commissioning

The $188 million plus Cleaner Seas Project was delivered by an alliance between Cairns Water and Waste, Cairns Regional Council and an expert team involving United Group Limited Infrastructure, CEC Construction, GHD and Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM). The project delivered significant environmental benefits by reducing the load of nutrients discharged to the Great Barrier Reef by up to 80%.

More than 17,000 square metres of the of the project infrastructure is protected with EpiMax protection systems.

Case Study 3 – Critical bridge engineering

In joint venture with Macmahon and Leed Engineering, John Holland delivered the $812 million 4.8km non-stop, multi-lane South Road Superway connecting north and south Adelaide. Designed to improve traffic efficiency and management, whilst also enhancing road safety and local accessibility for the growing population, the project also included the construction of a 2.8km elevated roadway, one of the longest in Australia and South Australia’s first. The use of the elevated roadway, meant less land was needed for construction, subsequently reducing impact on local businesses and landowners.

EpiMax supplied more than 50,000 litres of performance adhesive grout for this project.

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