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Green Certified Concrete Protection

EpiMax offers a range of low and zero VOC coating options to address our end user’s needs.

About Green Certified protection

Environmental regulations have created a huge demand for low and zero VOC (volatile organic compound) coating products.  Also driving the market for these types of products is increased consumer awareness of the negative impact of VOCs and the desire to buy “greener” and more environmentally responsible products.

Low and zero VOC coatings were most often used in areas where children or the elderly are present, such as schools and hospitals. Additionally, commercial clients working on projects where GBCA (Green Building Council of Australia) certification is required. There are varying degrees of accepted VOC levels for coatings and adhesives that contribute to certification, which are determined by a specific application in various residential and commercial settings.

However, In the architectural coatings industry, low-VOC is no longer a specialty product offering, it is a must-have option.

Some end users demand low- and zero-VOC coatings which are often associated with low odor, allowing occupied spaces to be coated with little disruption to everyday activities, while others rely on this type of coating for lower emissions.

Green Certified benefits

  • Meet or exceed the GBCA coating standards
  • Allow odour-free installation
  • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions
  • Allow due recognition by government, business and the community
  • High field performance