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Max Simmons

Max Simmons

Founder and MD

Max pursued a career in materials science in Australia and the USA following completion of his Advanced Chemistry education at the University of Sydney.
The development and application of innovative polymer construction solutions has been a major focus over the last 30 years.

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Peter McGinley

Peter McGinley

National Sales Director

Peter McGinley has enjoyed a very successful career in construction products over 25 years, working with one of the largest international companies in this field.
He has been involved in many significant commercial and industrial projects from planning to completion. He believes in the need for a solid engineering basis for the application of all construction products.

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Abhi Manu

Abhi Manu

Logistics Manager

Abhi has 50 years’ experience in Logistics. In these roles he has also developed warehouse software systems and has been instrumental in establishing excellence in international freight forwarding operations. Importantly, Abhi lives and breathes customer service and sees it as a key component of our company today.

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Zac Arnott

Zac Arnott

Customer Service and Distribution Manager

Zac ensures that our distribution centre operates at top efficiency — with customer satisfaction his primary goal.
His personal goal is ensuring that our supply chain presents minimal psychic energy to both new and existing customers alike.
If you visit our Wetherell Park facility, please introdiuce yourself to Zac.

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